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Arise IIP - industrial ecosystem in Africa

Who we are

Architect of an african industry

ARISE IIP designs, finances, builds and operates integrated and tailor-made industrial zones with high added value.

Atif   Africa Finance Corporation (AFC)

ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms (IIP) has two shareholders: Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) and Africa Transformation and Industrialization Fund (ATIF).

AFC is a pan-African Multilateral Development Financial Institution established in 2007 by sovereign African states to provide pragmatic solutions to Africa’s infrastructure deficit and challenging operating environment.

ATIF (Africa Transformation and Industrialization Fund) is an investment company established in 2022. Its aims is to bring solutions to the gaps hampering African development. To do so, it will invest, alone or with co-investors, in assets supporting the continent’s industrialization and economic development, while keeping a strong commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

Arise IIP identifies industrial gaps in African countries that unlock value and create new industries. Our aim is to industrialize key sectors by creating local transformation, maximizing production, efficiency and cost, which in turn generates local value addition.

Our trusted partnerships with governments and investors enable us to execute large-scale projects that transform local value chains and industrialize countries in an environmentally sustainable way. Our tailor-made special economic zones in Gabon , Benin and Togo seek to boost exports, enable the local transformation of raw materials and promote trade.

Industrialisation in Africa
Industrialisation in West Africa

How we are making a difference


A trusted partner of governments and communities.

We are committed to partner with African governments on their development agenda, focusing on job creation, education and health. To stimulate the emergence of industrial ecosystems, we create logistical hubs in tune with local public policies and aligned with the partner country’s development strategy.

Access ARISE IIP’s policies’ manual on Environment, Safety & Governance; Legal; HR; Risk & Governance.

ARISE Values

Learn more about ARISE IIP’s vision, mission and values ​​in our policy manual document below.

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Where we are

ARISE IIP’s activities across Africa

Following the success of GSEZ, several industrial zones are currently being developed in Togo, Benin, Côte d'Ivoire and Chad.

Arise IIP operational offices in Africa


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Côte d'Ivoire

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