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Sustainable initiatives

Our Arise employees are proud of the sustainability initiatives in Africa that we design and implement. 

Their involvement improves the work satisfaction, reduces staff turnover and fosters a culture of innovation, engagement and inclusion. This is the ethos Arise subscribes to.

Enhancing the capacity of educational and health facilities is one of the central themes of Arise’s sustainability initiatives and we have provided a diverse range of support during the last three years. 

Arise IIP has always adopted the philosophy of ‘growing with society’, sharing benefits in a transparent and mutually beneficial way.

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Contribution in Africa education

In Gabon Africa, local news covering a dilapidated school caught Arise’s attention and we looked to see how we could be of help.

With close engagement with regional government, in July-August-2018, three school buildings were refurbished along with the construction of a boundary wall and gates. All necessary civil and electrical works formed part of the renovation. The school was handed back to the school management in 3 months. The capacity of the school currently is 228 students across different grades; with 16 teaching staff.

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Contribution in Africa health sector

Arise donated 20 ambulances to the Gabonese Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene with the aim of improving access to healthcare in rural parts of Gabon and the City of Owendo.  

Arise provided a mobile eye clinic to diagnose and treat pathologies that could cause blindness and disability amongst the citizens of Gabon.  All consultations and treatments are provided free of charge.  This sustainability initiative has attracted international attention and demonstrates how rural people’s lives can be rapidly improved by providing access to healthcare directly to communities.

Arise provided logistical support, donated PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and medical equipment to governments in Gabon, Cote d’Ivoire, Benin, Mauritania, and Togo to assist them in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Food baskets were provided to workers who were unable to earn a living due to government lockdowns, preventing hunger developing in the household.  During this difficult time, Arise supported the most vulnerable types of people.