Our carbon-neutral journey

ARISE Africa maintaining forest in Gabon

Our vision for a carbon neutral journey

Arise recognises that the threat from climate change is one of the most important challenges for our world in this century.

Our presence in West Africa, a region that is particularly sensitive to the climate crisis, means that we feel acutely responsible for helping to alleviate environmental stresses in the region.  Arise seeks to identify and implement carbon-reducing initiatives across all of our business activities, hopefully working towards a carbon-neutral operation.

We calculate the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions expected to be generated during construction and operation of our individual developments using an internationally recognised methodology.  In parallel, we seek opportunities to implement renewable energy technologies into our infrastructure and facilities to reduce our reliance on national grid networks and become self-sustaining in our energy consumption and supply.

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ARISE IIP carbon neutral journey in Africa

Our approach

Arise IIP has always adopted the philosophy of ‘growing with society’, sharing benefits in a transparent and mutually beneficial way.

We are determined to create a higher standard of living for all people, generate benefits and opportunities within local communities, and provide technical and vocational training to enhance local capacity.

Our sustainability initiatives are aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and focus on three key themes:

  1. To continuously improve the environmental and social performance of our operations, reducing negative risks and impacts to as low as reasonably practicable whilst enhancing positive outcomes;
  2. To take steps to protect the safety of local communities and the safety of our employees; and
  3. To make investments in improving the capacity of educational and health facilities.

Read Arise IIP’s Annual CSR report 2023 here.

Sustainability initiatives are integrated into our business activities and are carefully planned through the involvement of relevant government departments and other stakeholders. Arise IIP continues to be a leading, private sector company in Africa and works to uphold sustainable practices. We are determined to continue and adapt our initiatives in the future, adjusting our approach to challenges that lie ahead.

Read our Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) manual.

Our policies

Arise is committed to continuously improving our environmental and social performance, working with government regulators, civil society groups, local communities and other stakeholders, in order to meet our sustainability targets.

  • To achieve this, Arise has implemented a corporate Environmental and Social Management System that encompasses the following core components:
    • Policies and procedures including our Arise Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Impact Report and our Code of Conduct;
    • A procedure describing the way in which potentially adverse, environmental and social risks and impacts are identified and reduced to as low as reasonably practicable through adoption of the mitigation hierarchy, whilst positive impacts are identified and enhanced to the extent possible;
    • Details of how contractors working on our behalf are managed and supervised during the completion of their activities, in accordance with our Supplier’s Code;
    • Our commitment to ensuring that adequate emergency preparedness and response resources are available to address unplanned events, should any occur;
    • Stakeholder engagement planning and implementation;
    • Training and competency development; and
    • How Arise’s Senior Management demonstrate leadership and commitment to achieving our sustainability targets.  Our Senior Management staff lead by example by encouraging the participation of our workforce and local communities in decision making activities, and building the capacity of our business partners to achieve our environmental and social performance expectations.

    Read other policy documents below:

  • Arise Environment Policy
  • Arise Excluded Activity Policy
  • Arise Policy Manual
  • Arise Supply Chain Management Policy
  • Arise Sustainable Procurement Policy
ARISE IIP Africa ecosystem sustainability in Gabon