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An integrated industrial platform in Benin


The Glo-Djigbé Industrial Zone (GDIZ) is a public-private partnership between the Republic of Benin and ARISE IIP. GDIZ is being developed across 1640 Ha in three phases (Phae I: 400 Ha, Phase II: 600 Ha, Phase III: 640 Ha). It is located 45 km from Cotonou Port and 40+ industries setting up as of 2023 for a wide range of processing and manufacturing activities such as Cashew processing, Soya Processing, Integrated Textile Factories with spinning, weaving and garmenting, Ceramic tiles factory, electric bikes factory, pharmaceuticals factory, etc.

GDIZ Textile Park is a vertically integrated industrial zone, encompassing right from spinning to garmenting. Learn more about GDIZ textile park here.

ATMS (Africa Textile Management Services) is a management and technical consulting firm focused to provide strategic advice and implementation assistance to the textile industry globally, with a special emphasis on the African region.



GDIZ offers a wide variety of convenient, reliable and integrated logistical services.

Jobs created at GSEZ NKOK

Commercial space

GSEZ NKOK Warehouse


GSEZ NKOK Logistic park

Truck terminal

Dedicated Power Plant at GSEZ NKOK

Dedicated power supply

GSEZ NKOK Dedicated Water Supply

Water tanks

Water treatment plant at GDIZ Benin Africa

Common effluent treatment station

Police station at PIA Togo Africa

Police station

GSEZ NKOK Fire station

Fire station

Medical center at PIA Togo Africa

Medical Centre

GSEZ NKOK Single Window Clearance Office

Single window clearance system

GDIZ is an integrated multi-sector economic zone focusing on the agro-processing industry, from the manufacturing of local cotton into textile to the processing of local food products.

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Cashew Processing at GDIZ

Cashew Processing

GDIZ Building Materials Factories

Building Materials Factories

GDIZ Automotive Factories

Automotive Factories

GDIZ Pharmaceutical Factories

Pharmaceutical Factories

GDIZ Waste Re-cycling Factories

Waste Re-cycling Factories

GDIZ Animal Feed Mills

Animal Feed Mills

GDIZ Electronics Assembly Factories.

Electronics Assembly Factories

GDIZ Packaging Industries

Packaging Industries

GDIZ offers a set of fiscal and administrative advantages facilitating the set-up and operations of businesses hosted in the industrial zone.

Tax saving at GSEZ NKOK

100% relief on income tax

Business tax at GSEZ NKOK

100% relief on customs duties set on importing raw materials, building materials, industrial machines and equipment

Corporate taxation at PIA Togo Africa

100% VAT exemption

Payroll at PIA Togo Africa

100% capital gains tax exemption

Open storage at PIA Togo Africa

100% relief from export oriented goods manufactured in Industrial Zone

Direct foreign investments at GSEZ NKOK

100% on repatriation of profits


100% on commerce duties for the 15-nation Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) region

Residential area at PIA Togo Africa

No property taxes